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  1. Oct 12,  · A syndrome is a term that refers to a disease or a disorder that has more than one identifying feature or symptom. In other words, a syndrome is defined as follows: Definition of syndrome: A collection or set of signs and symptoms that characterise or suggest a particular disease.
  2. Another word for disorder. Find more ways to say disorder, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at boutgipersmakchickkar.derteforcioucarbuetalejefanmope.co, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.
  3. Symptoms. Types of personality disorders are grouped into three clusters, based on similar characteristics and symptoms. Many people with one personality disorder also have signs and symptoms of at least one additional personality disorder.
  4. 13q deletion syndrome; 17q microdeletion syndrome; 1p36 deletion syndrome; 1q deletion syndrome; 1q duplication syndrome; 22q distal deletion syndrome.
  5. Oct 29,  · There are three types of Down syndrome: Trisomy Trisomy 21 means there’s an extra copy of chromosome 21 in every cell. This is the most common form of Down syndrome.
  6. May 11,  · Immunodeficiency disorders prevent your body from fighting infections and diseases. This type of disorder makes it easier for you to catch viruses and bacterial boutgipersmakchickkar.derteforcioucarbuetalejefanmope.co: Elea Carey.
  7. Define disorder. disorder synonyms, disorder pronunciation, disorder translation, English dictionary definition of disorder. n. 1. A lack of order or regular arrangement; confusion. acute organic brain syndrome - any disorder (as sudden confusion or disorientation) in an otherwise normal person that is due to reversible (temporary).
  8. DISORDER-like a syndrome, refers to a cluster of symptoms, -but the concept includes the idea that the set of symptoms is not accounted for by a more pervasive condition.-As with symptom and syndrome, there is no implication of etiology. DISEASE-a disorder where the underlying etiology is known.

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